Spring 2012 Fashion Trends: Get the 1920s Art Deco Look

Thanks to designers from Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren, the 1920s are back. And while you may think you’ve got to head to your nearest vintage shop, rest assured that you can get the 1920s look with only a few simple steps. Here’s our guide to one of the biggest spring trends.

Rest assured the like most spring trends, the 1920s look is easy to get with only one or two basic pieces. In this case, you’ll want anything beaded to help create that Great Gatsby aesthetic. But don’t limit yourself: Kate Moss for Topshop’s classic flapper dresses are one example of beaded embellishments, while layers of long pearl necklaces will also suffice.

Even if you’re not particularly into girly styles, you can embrace one of this season’s spring trends by picking up a sporty pleated skirt and wearing it with a crisp button up. Provided it’s cut straight (as opposed to A-line), you’ll maintain the flapper feel “ especially if worn with a loose-fitting top and layered with an oversize jacket and necklaces.

If you caught Midnight In Paris this summer (or even more recently), you were likely in awe of the feather boas. Naturally, that’s the fastest way to adopt this must-do spring trend, but if you’re not inclined to waltz into work with a diva accessory, look to feather headbands or hairclips to dress you up and take you into the prohibition-era. That, or borrow from Oscar de la Renta’s full feather gown as a template for how serious ˜20s fashion has become.

As one of 2012’s favourite spring trends became more and more prevalent, silk pants and flapper dresses became a 1920s must-do. Whether in the spirit of Ralph Lauren’s spring/summer collection in pastel colours or Etro’s silk flapper dress, fashion took a hint from pop culture and channeled their inner Boardwalk Empire.  To get it yourself, a silk tie-up button up or a simple knee-length flapper dress can help you channel the spring trend, as you help bring the 1920s into 2012.

Like beading, sequins are another way to help channel one of the ultimate spring trends. Since most chains have picked up sequined tank tops (to be worn with wide-legged pants and chunky heels), you can create the 1920s look with only one piece. However, make sure to play up your makeup and pair said tank top with a headband or dark eye shadow to further channel Zelda Fitzgerald, flapper poster child.

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