The Most Flattering Sunglasses

I love spring. Let’s just put that out there. I love the fact that the snow disappears, it’s a fresh, new season and most importantly, the sun finally peeks out from behind the gloomy grey clouds! Get ready for the arrival of Mr. Golden Sun by getting your eyes ready with face flattering sunnies, and who what better to get style guidance from then from your favorite celebrities?

Check out these recommendations for your face shape:


In terms of facial structure, heart-faces usually have high cheekbones, wide foreheads and a pointed chin and since the facial form is very strong, yet soft you need a pair of sunglasses that are exactly the same. Follow the lead of Hollywood girl-next-door Reese Witherspoon and invest in a pair of Wayfarers or sunglasses with a thick outer frame, like a rectangle or square.

Ray-Ban® classic Wayfarer sunglasses, J.Crew ,$180


Not quite round, oval-faced pretties like Natalie Portman or Nina Dobrev need to a pair of sunglasses that won’t make their forehead look wider. Similar to heart-shaped, you can go for a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses or to really show off your cute face you can go with Aviators, both of which each starlet has been seen sporting.

Aviator sunglasses, H&M, $9.95


If you have a round face all I can do is say this: I am very envious. Sure, all the other shapes are perfect in their own way (and I’m not just saying that to be nice) but those with round faces like Cameron Diaz know that their perfectly proportioned facial characteristics suit one of the best sunglasses trends to date “ oversized sunglasses. Of course, any face shape can wear this trend, but as Cameron proves, oversized or very round frames make her look even more desirable.

Round Plastic Logo-Temple Sunglasses,, $72


Victoria Beckham is a celebrity with one of the most rare face shapes. She has no problem playing up her angular face shape and defined cheeks with oversized shades, which I might add, looks AMAZING on her. Diamond shapes will do well to follow Posh’s style and even take it up a notch and mix oversized lens and different frame shapes like rectangle or square.  

Benidorma sunglasses, ALDO, $12


If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a thin yet strong facial structure, your face shape is long. Those who fall into this category should get shades that enhance their high cheekbones and the best frame design for that are shield sunglasses. As the name states, these are designed to shield your eyebrows, eyes and fall right above the cheeks. Style icon and reigning Fashion Queen Sarah Jessica Parker is a huge fan of the shield style so you’re in good company!

Shield sunglasses, Ardene, $9.00


The best way to show-off the strong jaw or a square face is to buy sunglasses that enhance the eyes, not the whole face (read: no oversized!). Actress Jennifer Aniston is a famous square-faced beauty and has been known to flatter her detailed features with sexy cat eye or slightly slanted frames.

Ray-Ban® thick cat-eye Wayfarer sunglasses, J.Crew (Canada), $166

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