You Can Now Shop Topshop’s Runway Collection

Okay, so get a load of this. Normally we all look at the runway shows at the various fashion weeks and take each trend as the inspiration for what we’ll try and copy in our own day-to-day wardrobes, but rarely do we ever get to actually wear the clothes that were on the runway. This season, Topshop is changing that with its Topshop Unique collection.

Following the brand’s upcoming London Fashion Week show on September 18, a selection of the runway collection will be available to buy. While we have yet to see much from the upcoming collection, Topshop promises “a carefully selected edit”from casual separates and tailoring, through to finale dresses”will be available to purchase immediately after the show on and in selected stores across the globe.” There are even going to be Topshop Unique pop-up “market stalls” immediately outside of the show so viewers and onlookers alike can peruse and purchase the collection as soon as the runway clears.

So, yeah, get excited.

The Runway-to-Retail initiative is an effort to bring together the global marketplace, making runway fashion even more accessible to those who covet it. The fashion landscape is always changing (not always for the good), so it only makes sense that a brand move in this direction, boosting sales and giving viewers what they want, immediately after they’ve seen it.

Not going to be anywhere near London on September 18? Don’t worry. Pieces from the show will also be made available at some of our local stores, too, including Toronto’s amazing Queen Street location and in Vancouver, plus you’ll be able to order online right away”our only advice is that you move quick. This collection is going to fly.

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