2011 Watch Trends

When was the last time you looked at your watch? You probably can’t remember because that’s what your cell phone is for!¨¨ Before we walked around with cellular devices, our wrists used to be adorned with classy timepieces. Whatever the case may be, watches have made a comeback by transforming into something more ornate and eye-catching instead of just being functional.

Details you should look for include watches without any numbers, oversized vintage pieces, and metal cutouts and crystal details on the face.¨¨ If your wrists seem bare try one of these trendy types of watches on for size this spring:

Metal Menswear

Although this trend is from last season, men’s traditional Rolex style watches are still popular amongst women. They’ve been updated this season to include new metallic shades like gun metal, brass or rose gold. Besides large, round watch faces, they can also have chain decorations around the band much like your favourite bracelet. To go for a traditional, classy look find a timepiece with a square face and roman numerals instead of regular numbers.

S - Rolex Lady DateJust Everose Gold 300x400

Tips for wearing: Always good with a blazer or suit, try wearing this watch with simple accessories and a feminine, but structured dress so you don’t take the masculine look too far. Try using fun metal details elsewhere in your outfit.

Rubber Rainbows 

Making a comeback this spring are colourful sporty, polyurethane pieces with few bells and whistles. While you may think they sound childish, they are actually incredibly modern with sleek faces, simple bands, and an assortment of interesting hues (include all black or white for those who like to play it safe). Some are skinny while others come in traditional wide bands and shapes – try the Nixon Rubber Rerun Watch. Whichever you chose, they will definitely add a contemporary touch to any ensemble. Bonus: They’re waterproof.

S - Nixon Rubber Rerun Watch Coral 300x400

Tips for wearing: These pieces can go with more than just your morning jogging outfit. Play up their brightness with neutral but feminine pieces like a well fitting trench coat or pencil skirt to mix classic with quirky.

Wrist Wraps

The double wrap leather watch is a lady like take on the watches as jewellery trend. The bands come in brighter colours and interesting textures, like snake skin or with a metallic sheen as seen in the watches in La Mer Collections. Wrapped several times along the length of your wrist, these pieces give you the piled up bracelet look you’ve been dying to try out this season. Coming a wide variety of colours and with girly details like hanging charms, chains, metal and studs, these bold, beautiful pieces will have others asking you for the time just so they can look at your arm candy.

S - La Mer Collections Wrap Watch Brown Leather 300x400

Tips for wearing: These feminine watches can go with pretty much anything but mixing their richness and details with every day wear like a navy striped shirt and khaki shorts can take your casual look up a notch on the effortlessly trendy meter.

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    really loving the Wrist Wraps
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    really loving the Wrist Wraps

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