One Celeb, Four Looks: Emmy Rossum

Viewers certainly aren’t commending this actress’ stylish flair (or lack there of) on the new drama series Shameless. Up-to-the-minute fashion seems to be the last matter on her character’s to-do list, between care-taking for six younger siblings, as her inebriated father acts as more of a youngster than the rest of them. Maybe it’s the sharp contrast between her disheveled appearance on-screen and the confidence she exudes in real-life that sets this brunette beauty apart from the rest of Hollywood’s celebs. Whatever the reason, there are many stylish tidbits we can take away from this humble fashionista:

Look One: Golden Goddess

This month, Rossum attended a launch party at the Elie Tahari store in Soho, New York. The 24-year-old actress released her first handbag with designer Elie Tahari, labeled none other than the Emmy Bag. She looked absolutely ravishing in her black and gold ensemble, her pleaded skirt complementing the brightness of her complexion. Her outfit is simple, but it’s the shimmer in her Elie Tahari skirt (showcased on the spring 2011 runway) and exotic necklace that brings her look into the spotlight. Even at her own event, Emmy doesn’t over-do her ensemble. Instead, she allows for her minimalist elegance, injected with a hint of spunk, to do all the work for her.

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Look Two: Vibrant Beauty

It’s not just her fire-engine red lips that set Emmy at centre stage, but this look, modeling DKNY attire, is the epitome of bombshell. Care to argue? Didn’t think so. Not only is her clothing infused with popsicle bright colours for spring, but combines them in such a way to make her style all the more spellbinding. Isn’t that what we all strive to accomplish in an ideal outfit, anyways? So take if from this damsel, and set bold, vivid colours on a level of their own. Find two shades that are similar in hue, while in direct contrast with the rest of your features. (Pst – the black sash showcased in this look is the new skinny belt, and is all the rage this season.)

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Look Three: Pretty in Pattern

If her outfit isn’t bold in colour, this starlet makes up for it with her pattern choices. Emmy was spotted at an event in New York City to promote her new show Shameless, sporting a multi-print dress and black Brian Atwood pumps. While there’s not much else happening in her look, the patterned frock speaks volumes on its own. Just think of bold patterns as a garment and accessory fused into a single look – a fashion hybrid if you will. It’s also important to note the shade of her dress. The black highlights in the pattern underscore her nut-brown tresses, instead of camouflaging them. If you have light shaded locks, think in reverse (a bold coloured dress, with light, pastel tinted patterning.)

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Look Four: Modern Chic

When first glancing at this image, it takes us a moment to realize we’re gazing at the same star. Emmy’s hair is tied back ever so tightly, giving her look an air of utmost sophistication. This enables her features to gain the attention they deserve, while playing up her defined jaw-line and flawless complexion. The bold, striking hue of her sapphire blue gown ties her look together, exuding a vibe of sheer confidence. This diva’s jewelry is certainly a statement piece, which is the perfect additive to her look, without becoming a distraction. Learn from this eye-catching gal, and don’t be afraid to hide behind your locks. Sometimes the best looks are those that strip you from your comfort zone. So let your attire do all the talking, as the rest of the world stares in admiration.

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