How to Wear Scarves This Summer

Summer scarves live to see another season, but this time they call for a new approach.

Gone are the effortless bohemian styles, and here are their traditional counterparts. Defined by deep, rich colours in bold prints and designs, summer scarves of 2012 are a must-have accessory for the season, and one you can take with you into fall.


1. As a headpiece
Combatting humidity can be just as easy as channeling your inner Baroness Schraeder (Sound Of Music, anyone?) in that you can use a scarf as a headpiece to keep hair under control. Of course, depending on how you wear your scarf, you can evoke the Rhoda-inspired aesthetic of the 1970s, or you can use it as a headband for a late ˜60s vibe. Just remember that when it comes to summer scarves as headpieces, the more vibrant, the better.


2. As a belt
Fine, we admit it: scarves as belts can be a bit tricky. But if you’re pairing them with a slim-fitting pant and a neutral tank top, you can use scarves to tie an outfit together or at least add some dimension. However, you can also capitalize on the ˜70s look with wide-legged pants and a casual blazer “ just make sure you’ve got enough material when wrapping your scarf through the loopholes. You should be able to tie a knot, otherwise the scarf will seem ill-fitting.

3. Tied traditionally
While a few summers back we saw western-inspired summer scarves, this year we’re seeing a return to fashion basics. Think Peggy Olsen when she meets with her now-employer, or Mary Tyler Moore throughout the series. By using a scarf to tie outfit tones together, you can capitalize on a colour-heavy season or add consistency to disjointed colour blocking. Just make sure one tone in your outfit ties in with one tone in your scarf: you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, but you also don’t want your accessory to come out of left field.

4. As clothing
No, this isn’t permission to wear a scarf as a top. But if you capitalize on the scarf trend that dictated D&G’s spring/summer collection, you can take advantage of the traditional prints and apply them to your wardrobe. Blouses in loud scarf prints and wedge heels with the same are safe yet unique ways to jump on the scarf trend. And while you’re not wearing it traditionally, you’re still capitalizing on the look without compromising your personal style.

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