How to Sport the Thigh-High Boot Trend

Fashion’s best boot for fall has reached new heights, as designers like Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Balmain and Celine sent models in leather-coated legs down the runway to fiercely strut their stuff in this new season staple. The thigh-high boot often gets a bad rap; whether it conjures lady of the night undertones or bad 80s Julia Roberts memories in Pretty Woman, it’s proof that this footwear style worn throughout the decades is another testament to its staying power. In truth, reigning in the perfect balance between naughty and nice is where the challenge of styling thigh-high boots lies. When flawlessly and effortlessly executed, these bold boots can take you from on the clock to off-duty in a hot second, ensuring you look equal parts chic and coquettish.

These six tips on how to sport the thigh-high boot trend will have you rising to the challenge of wearing this leg elongating style for fall with a feminine, flirty flair that’s sure to garner loads of attention. Just be prepared for heads to turn as you leave a striking statement in your wake.

Less is more

The simplest rule of thumb when it comes to rocking thigh-high boots is the sentiment of less is more. You can still get leggy in a pair of dominatrix-inspired boots without an abundance of skin showing. In actuality the less skin you show the better, as this trend loves to leave a little to the imagination with its sleek, leg-hugging style. Covered up can be just as chic and appealing!

Bring on the black

Create a sleek, sexy and sophisticated look by pairing your thigh-high boots with black opaque tights or leggings. When in doubt bring on the black, as this safe shade is sure to set you apart from the crowd without the negative attention these boots inherently bring. Maintaining a monochromatic look is uber chic and sends out all the right signals while you tackle two trends at once.

Perfect proportions

The thigh-high boot trend is a balancing act in maintaining perfect proportions. Its lean, leg-slimming effect means pairing something long, loose and relaxed fitting up top to counter act the sleek, skin-tight look on the bottom. Select a flowy blouse layered over leggings or super straight, skinny jeans, or a relaxed fit dress that skims the hips and hits just below where the top of your thigh-high boot stops.

Avoid patent finishes

To best avoid the aforementioned lady of the night stereotype, refrain from selecting your thigh-high boots in patent and high-gloss finishes. Thigh-high boots made from this material and polish more often times than not give off a costume-y vibe that’s better left for Halloween than for everyday wear. Stick to subtle, neutral shades in basic black, grey, tan and brown in supple leather and suede with a matte or very-little-lustre finish.

Pick the right height

Leggy model types are not the only women who can sport this daringly drama-inducing footwear trend. Women of all shapes, sizes and figures can equally look just as ravishing in a pair of thigh-high boots as long as you pick the right height for your body type. The sweet spot for these boots to land at is one-two inches above the knee, depending on how tall you are. Anything taller will overwhelm your tiny frame. Leaving space between where the boots hit you and your upper thigh will make legs appear longer and leaner, which is just the effect you should be after.

Opt for flats

If teeteringly tall platforms will steer you clear from this trend, opt for a flat fashion-friendly thigh-high boot option that will still give you the desired look and effect without the sky-high heel height. The result is classic and chic, and evokes a cool, city-girl aesthetic to suit your on-the-go lifestyle.

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