The Originals: Episode 2 Recap

And the blonde is back in town. “Welcome home, little sister,” says Klaus. Indeed!
The boys are wonderful (I have a somewhat unexplainable soft spot for Klaus, kind of like Elijah does) but Rebekah’s presence in New Orleans balances out the main characters on The Originals. She’s a welcome sight, even though she’s cranky and cutthroat.
And, unlike last week’s slow-to-get-started and somewhat repetitive premiere, episode two was full of tidbits and teasers for the storylines that will weave themselves together over the course of the season. This is what TVD and Originals fans were expecting last week!
When Rebekah can’t get a hold of dear, sweet Elijah, she turns up at the palatial family home in New Orleans and comes face to face with Hayley, who she only knows by Elijah’s reports and says she doesn’t care about. Then, face to face with Klaus next and asking where her nice brother is, Rebekah tells him to break down Marcel’s empire piece by piece – but the more we learn, the harder everyone realizes that will be.
The flashbacks begin and it seems like the past is going to come back to haunt more than one vampire. A hundred years ago during their last stint in New Orleans, the Mikaelsons stayed with a former governor (hence the palatial home). But the governor wasn’t without his own secrets, including an illegitimate child with a slave woman.
Here’s where big, bad Klaus redeems himself and endears himself to me. He takes the boy under his wing and loves him like a son.  He names him Marcellus, after Mars, the god of war, and which means “little warrior.” He teaches him to fight and promises to turn him into a vampire someday… 
Oh, and minor detail: Rebekah and Marcel had a thing, when he was older but before he was turned. No wonder there’s tension 100 years later after she fled the city without a goodbye and he didn’t follow the family that took him in when he needed it. Instead, he let them believe he was dead and stayed behind to take the empire the Mikaelsons had built.
Back to present day: Rebekah hammers home Klaus’s insensitivity when she advises Hayley to “find a way to fix that hex and run” because Klaus is probably keeping a box for her, too, once she gives birth.  This leaves the lone wolf to seek a solution of her own. In a bold move, she visits a French Quarter voodoo shop to ask for enough wolfsbane to “kill a small wolf.” But, of course, she doesn’t go through with it – that would be too simple for this show!
Instead, Rebekah and Hayley bond – as do Rebekah and Klaus. We’ll see how long that lasts. “It’s okay to care, it’s okay to want something…” Rebekah tells Klaus when everyone realizes he wants the baby to live. She says it’s all she and Elijah have ever wanted for Klaus.
The witches play a small role in this episode. Sophie Deveraux’s contribution to the current story is explaining to Rebekah why her coven can’t leave New Orleans to escape Marcel: they rely on their deceased ancestors for power. “If we run, we’re leaving our legacy behind. Our home. Our family.”
And the same seems to go for the Mikaelsons and Klaus will do anything to get his city back. Oddly, he gives Elijah to Marcel as a peace offering. Surprise, surprise! He’s keeping her bro with his curious secret weapon, little Davina. Rebekah is the first original to meet her, and it gives us some more insight into her too – although it’s not so pleasant. Let’s just say as much of a mean girl Rebekah can be, I’d definitely still be rooting for her in a match versus Davina because there is nothing charming about that girl. She’s just plain creepy.
Finally, we learn that in the past, Klaus asked Marcel to choose between spending the rest of his human life with Rebekah and being turned into a vampire. Now we really know why there’s tension.
The episode ends with Marcel asking Davina to figure out how to kill an original vampire. Bam! Another piece of information The Vampire Diaries viewers already know. Now, how many episodes will we have to wait for everyone else to learn the secret?
Favourite line from the episode: “I’d have a greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw!” – Klaus, in response to Marcel asking him to keep  his sister in line.
Most puzzling aspect of the episode: The role Cami, Marcel’s new love interest – and a human – will play in all of this. 
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