How to Look Good at the Gym

Tired of your baggy sweats? Here’s our guide to looking great at the gym”without sacrificing your workout:

Let’s Go Shopping

Lululemon has one of the most comprehensive and best selections of gym attire. Pants and tops are made of super-comfortable lycra and some pieces are fashioned of seaweed fibres, which actually whisk away sweat from your body. Another good bet: Stella McCartney’s line for Adidas.

Invest in a Good Sports Bra

At the gym, the right sports bra is crucial. Working out can include a lot of jumping and running”activities that can cause discomfort if your bra doesn’t fit well. If you are large-chested, look for sports bras with wide straps that provide good support. Make sure they are made of breathable fabrics to avoid chafing.

Here’s How To Find Your Right Bra Size

Wear the Right Shoes

Always wear footwear appropriate for your workout. Exercise footwear is designed to be activity-specific. A wall of choices may look daunting at first, but it can be quite simple. If you are a runner, look for a good running shoe. If you are an aerobics fanatic, pick a sneaker that is made for aerobic workouts”usually they’ll have a higher rise for additional ankle support. Picking the right shoe for your activity will guarantee you get the support you need and help you avoid injury.

Clothes Care

Your workout attire needs to be washed”frequently. And because it does not exactly come cheap, you’ll want to get the longest life and endurance possible out of your gym wardrobe. Doing a little extra in the laundry room is a good place to start. Avoid those unsightly balls that appear on fabrics like lycra-blends by avoiding fabric softener. Fabric softener actually weakens the fibre of your clothes, and promotes balling.

Pick up a netted garment bag and toss all your gym clothes inside. The bag is porous enough to get it all clean, but protective enough to keep your clothing from getting damaged. And most importantly, wash everything inside-out! It’s the part that is closest to your body, so you’ll want to get it really clean by keeping it exposed. It will also keep the outer layer of fabric protected. Always read the care labels inside of each garment.

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