Fall 2011 Colour Trends

For as long as most of us can remember, fall colour has been associated with browns, oranges, greys and blacks “ likely because they’re reminiscent both of falling leaves and the constant sky, but also because they’re a reprieve from the bright tones that dictate most spring and summer wardrobes. Though while fall 2011 sees a return to neutrals and basic black, a retro revival keeps aesthetics interesting with a punch of colour or a bold print. Thus, consider these fall’s colour trends for 2011.

Naturally (no pun intended), browns, greys and blacks return to the runway to help usher in a brand new season, as designers like Marc Jacobs and Max Mara utilize rich fabrics and minimalism over colour bombardment. However, as seen in Aritzia and H&M’s fall collections, subtle tones are combined with retro prints to stay true to the 60s and 70s revival, while also helping outfits to stay interesting and prevent monochromatic overkill. Just make sure to pair the likes of a brown print blouse with black pants or jeans to avoid looking overly neutral “ or add a splash of colour through a bag or a jacket to keep the season lively.

Bright Blues
Though you may have thought the year had used up its colour inspiration through spring’s infatuation with neon, the likes of Thakoon, Phillip Lim and even Versace kept bright blues on the forefront to add dimension to neutral-heavy wardrobes. Staying in-step with the bright palettes of the 1950s and early 60s, indigo pencil skirts, punchy jackets and dynamic pants work alongside black tights, leather shorts and over-the-knee boots to prevent ensembles from looking too drab or neutral-heavy. Simply remember the darker (or less neon), the better “ it’s autumn, after all.

Pinks and Reds
Provided they’re not worn simultaneously, fall sees another boost of colour thanks to red statement pieces and rose-pink ensembles debuted in collections by Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. While a dusty pink can be played up as a neutral itself, its softness can be an alternative to the starkness of too much grey, black or brown “ especially if worn in conjunction with a cream sweater, as a scarf or even as an overcoat.

Red, however, is in a league of its own: whether worn as scarlet outwear (as seen in Jason Wu and Chanel’s collections) or as a jacket-and-skirt ensemble (Rodarte), the tone’s meant to stand-out. And paired with black shoes, boots or pants, you can even take red right into holiday by adding a few accessories or some sparkle.


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