This Canadian Designer Created a Taco-Inspired Coat

We know that inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere and that, when it comes to creating, sometimes you have to push the envelope a little bit. So, of course, we weren’t completely surprised when we heard that Canadian colour- and print-loving designer Hayley Elsaesser was teaming up with Taco Bell to create the TaCoat. We caught up with Hayley to find out from where she draws her inspiration and why she chose tacos.

29Secrets: Where did your love of colour and prints come from? 

Hayley Elsaesser: Since I can remember, I’ve always loved bold prints and wearing clothes that showcased my personality. I was pretty quiet as a kid and fashion was a way for me to express myself.

Why was Taco Bell a good fit for a collaboration? 

Taco Bell is known for being fun-loving and bold, there social media feeds are always humorous — which I love. So when they approached me to do this collaboration, I knew I had to be a part of it. The aim was to keep Canadians warm this winter, so we launched an exclusive TaCoat — the first ever winter coat inspired by Taco Bell’s iconic Crunchy Taco! Given that I maintain the same passion for fun, bold choices as Taco Bell they thought I’d be a perfect fit.

How do you take such a bold print (and delicious idea) and turn it into something wearable? 

I like to use classic shapes and then add in bold colours and prints as a contrast. I want my pieces to easily fit within your wardrobe, so it’s all about how you style the items. I want people to love what they’re wearing!

What was the process of creating a collaborative design like this? 

After Taco Bell approached me to do this project, I started to work on initial designs (aimed at keeping Canadians warm during the winter) and then we engaged Taco Bell fans on its Facebook page on what their ideal TaCoat would look like for additional inspiration. Once we were aligned with the design we went to production and ensure this was a coat that people would want to wear.

Tacos are clearly having a moment — especially in Toronto — what do you think is going to come next? 

This is a tough question! I think maybe a crazy dessert that combines two things you’ve never seen together before, that’s unexpected, might be the next “big” thing.

What print have you not done that you’d still like to do? 

Great question! I have a black cat named Phantom and I’ve been wanting to do a cat print for a long time.

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