10 Clothing Items to Toss in Your Mid 20s & What to Wear Instead

Mid-twenties are an odd time. You suddenly find yourself spending money on cushion covers instead of cover at clubs and brunching on weekends instead of nursing your hangover. The worst part? You kind of like it. As you take slow and steady steps into adulthood, your style evolves with you. Although this transition happens quite naturally, we all have a tendency to cling on to the memory of the party girl we used to be by dedicating a section of our closet to unworn college clothes.

Fear not friends, for this is where we come in. Consider this a virtual intervention to purge all things trashy, outdated, and frat party appropriate; and most importantly, a guide to embracing adulthood in all its Game of Thrones loving, juice cleansing, furniture shopping glory.

Toss: Hot Pants

Despite what pop culture may have led you to believe, the only attire in which a woman’s behind should be exposed is a bikini. No exceptions. Toss the hot pants. It’s liberating. Instead, go for a more sophisticated look with leather shorts.

Wear: Leather Shorts

Image 1

Toss: Tube Tops

If you’re neither in high school, nor playing beer pong at a frat house, ditch the tube top. We recommend a slinky camisole in its place.

Wear: Camisoles

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Toss: Body Con Dresses

If the saying ˜wise people learn from the mistakes of others’ holds any merit, we all have a valuable lesson to learn from Kim Kardashian’s pre-Kanye wardrobe. The lesson of which we speak is staying away from body con dresses. Let’s allow this trend to rest in peace, and move on with its chicer older sister, the sexy cocktail dress.

Wear: Cocktail Dresses

Image 3

Toss: Leggings Outside The Gym

Repeat after us: leggings do not qualify as pants. Unless you are specifically on your way to the gym, there is just no excuse for wearing them out in public. If comfort is your concern, the solution lies in a relaxed pair of joggers which look (and feel) great.

Wear: Fashion Joggers

Image 4

Toss: Sweatpants

The book How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are very accurately states No man should ever see you in those [referring to sweatpants]. We’d like to go one step further and add that no one should ever see you in those, it’s just not pretty. If you’re looking for something with a forgiving fit, opt for loosely fitted culottes.

Wear: Culottes

Image 5

Toss: Micro Mini Skirts

We’re all for living on the edge, but a skirt that constantly puts you at risk of a wardrobe malfunction? No thank you. Trade your micro minis in for a-line skirts instead.

Wear: A-line Skirts

Image 6

Toss: Super Low Rise Jeans

We can’t pinpoint exactly when these jeans had their moment, but we’re pretty sure it was on Paris Hilton during her Simple Life heyday. So if you’re still wearing these, it’s time to take a good, hard look in the mirror and re-evaluate your life. We recommend switching to a boyfriend fit which is much more current and flattering.

Wear: Boyfriend-fit Jeans

Image 7

Toss: Uggs

We get it, Uggs are comfortable, so how about we meet you halfway: you can own them, but never speak of them¦ or wear them out in public. Instead, opt for booties.

Wear: Booties

Image 8

Toss: Formal Dresses from Fast Fashion Stores

Despite its name, formal dresses from Forever 21 are completely unacceptable past 21¦ and even that’s stretching it. Instead, choose to invest in dresses that will last you more than just one night.

Wear: Investment Pieces from Quality Boutiques

Image 9

Toss: Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are only admissible in the two following scenarios: a) role-play b) if you’re Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt. Instead, try swiss dot tights.

Wear: Polka Dot Tights

Image 10

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