Do’s And Don’ts Of Neon Accessories

We’re in the midst of a loud and bright season, and whether you’ve purchased a pair of pistachio pants, you can still create the vibrant aesthetic synonymous with summertime. But unlike colour blocking of summer 2011, this year calls for neon accessories to work in harmony. Paired with neutrals, pastels and even more neon, neon accessories of this summer bring a unique flair to an exciting season.

1. Do: Pair with more neon accessories
If your eyes can withstand it, don’t shy away from pairing neon with neon: this is the season where colour is happening. Collections by Christopher Kane and Marc By Marc Jacobs showcased neon garments with neon accessories (shoes included), so provided there’s a neutral to balance it out (think a light khaki trench coats), you can load up on neon without overdoing it.

2. Don’t: Clash
Red and pink may go together, but there’s nothing that will make a deep tone like burgundy work with neon pink. While one look evokes richness, the other is fun and/or vibrant. And while you can make jewel tones work with neon blue or even orange, too-close tones should be kept from appearing atop each other. Case in point: if you’ve got burgundy pants, pair them with a blue or a cool neutral top, and wear your neon pink bag with those. Because the tones are broken up, you’ll hit the look out of the park, and won’t be blinding yourself within it.

3. Do: Use neon as a pop of colour
Odds are that if you’re new to the neon accessories craze, you’re not going to load up bracelets, bags and shoes and/or execute them simultaneously. And that’s okay. If you want to commit to the trend without breaking the bank, simply opt for a pair of neon shoes, and pair them with a simple neutral dress (this a mod-inspired shift style), or pick up a vibrant clutch and use that to create interest in a relatively safe outfit.

4. Don’t: Channel the ˜80s
The neon accessories trend may see bright shoes, loads of bracelets and countless bag styles, but it’s not 1984, and we need to remember that. It can be easy to adopt a retro vibe “ especially since vintage is everywhere “ but to keep your look modern, pair your brights with sleek, modern fashion like cropped, fitted pants or a peplum skirt. Neon accessories may be a thing of the past, but you can pair them with fabrics like lace and chiffon to bring them into 2012.

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