Date Outfits For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and in celebration of the day of love, you might as well treat yourself to a new date ensemble. True, you could make do with something you’ve worn already, but in the spirit of Tom and Donna in Parks and Recreation, you might as well treat yourself. Here are our picks for Valentine’s Day date outfits.

1. Button-up blouse and pencil skirt
You’d think that an office-appropriate outfit wouldn’t work for a romantic night out, but pairing two classic pieces can create a sharp, clean look. This season, sheer fabrics take precedence, so to make a blouse seem sexier, pair a camisole with a chiffon button-up to create a sexier, date-appropriate look. To anchor it, wear a basic black pencil skirts and simple pumps. You’re the Joan Halloway of 2012.

2. An ankle-length satin dress
Every season, there’s an era. And to get a jump-start on the ’20s trend sweeping spring 2012, think ankle-length satin for a Boardwalk Empire-inspired date dress. True, you’re committing to glamour. So if you’re heading to a standard dress code-only type of soiree, pair a satin beaded camisole with ankle-length cigarette pants and heels. That way, you’ll not only maintain an air of glamour, you’ll go into Valentine’s Day as a fashion-forward vixen. Add a boa if you’re feeling adventurous.

3. Pleated trousers, button-up and tie
Who says you can’t channel androgyny on Valentine’s Day? Since most designers did the gentleman thing, think borrowing from your date’s wardrobe with a blouse buttoned to the top, a burgundy tie and grey or black pleated pants. Yes, you’ll want to up the hair and the makeup ante to balance out your masculine cues, but finger waves and bright red lipstick will do more than enough. To keep pleated pants flattering, you’ll also want heels “ but opt for a chunky look to work with your hardened aesthetic.

4. Peplums dress
And on the other side of androgyny, there’s peplums “ the ultra-˜50s style that capitalizes on an hourglass silhouette and super-femininity. To do it easiest, opt for a printed peplums blouse and pair with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants. Or if you’re hoping to dress up more so, commit to the dress and pair with round-toe pumps. Keep hair tied back for a retro look, but avoid an overly stiff style to remind your date that it’s still 2012.

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