Best Transitional Fashion Pieces from Summer to Fall

Although bikini season is coming to an end, we’re hardly ready to toss our cutoffs into storage just yet. That said, it’s seasonally inappropriate to try and stretch a crochet cover-up into the cool of September, but there are a number of summer staples that can easily transition seamlessly into your fall wardrobe.


Summer trousers

Start off by incorporating lightweight summer trousers, one of the easiest transitional pieces. Although gossamer compared to a sturdy, fall twill trouser, they will look perfectly fitting when paired with a long sleeve blouse instead of a summer sleeveless pick. Slinky fabrics will also still feel good when the temperature dances around and keep you from overheating in heavier fabrics.

Summer dress

A summer dress is a staple in almost ever girl’s wardrobe, and keeping it around past labour day can be a no-brainer with some simple layering tips. Start by picking a cool topper, like a tough leather jacket or a polished blazer to lend the right feel. A cute cardigan or sweater will also do the trick and is a versatile, easy choice. Swap out sandals for sneakers, flats or anything close-toed to take this combo into fall territory.

Strappy sandals

Alternatively, you can keep your strappy sandals in rotation if you pair them with fall-heavy pieces, like jeans or pants with a jacket. Cuff the hem of your pants to make the sandals a clear part of your ensemble, and choose pieces with a bit of an elegant edge to keep you from looking too casual.

Denim shorts

Denim cutoffs’ line is drawn on Labor Day, but shorts in a chicer textile make the cut when moving into September outfits. If it’s a particularly warm fall day, you can get away with bare legs if you cover up on top, following the same style points as transitioning your summer dress. When the temperature starts to dip a bit, you can still wear your favourite shorts, but layering with opaque tights is key. The ever stylish, trend-starting Alexa Chung pioneered this look many fall’s ago, and it has been echoed on celebrities and on the street for good reason since. Again, make sure to finish this look with close-toed shoes for an intentional-looking fall ensemble — after all, you’re still in shorts.

Summer clothes are filled with bright, juicy, saturated colours, and just because fall’s palette is generally more muted, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match the two together. The key is anchoring brights with similarly tonal pieces in less brilliant shades. For example, fuchsia, a summer favourite, looks so right in September when matched with a deep, cherry shade. Or try your favourite summer azure blue piece paired with an inky, indigo piece for a balanced, monochromatic look.

Lastly, give your summer white accessories an extended life by injecting a clever styling trick into your fall wardrobe. Nothing exhibits mod-chic like a solid black and white combo, so pair white accessories with a black and white ensemble to look carefully considered, even if you are ingeniously mixing up seasonal pieces. 

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