Adding Leather to Your Summer Wardrobe

Yes I know, the thought of wearing leather in the summer is a very weird thought if you aren't a biker. But think again! This look can be so unexpected and subtle that it works just right. Lots of celebs are still rocking little leather dresses, and chunky leather shoes – so don't pack those away just yet! Below are some ways to rock the trend all summer long. Remember, leather doesn't have to be black! Try going for reds and blues this summer! Now, I would think leather pants in the summer wouldn't be the best idea, but that is definitely weather permitting. Go for pieces that can breath and that isn't taking up your whole legs!

Leather top
This doesn't mean you have to wear a long sleeve black leather top. This means you can wear pieces that are leather embellished and that have leather sleeves. This still gives the effect while not raising your temperatures too much.
Zara top – $69.90

Leather skirt
To some, this is a no brainer. If you don't have a leather skirt (or shorts!) yet, go now! This is the hottest trend and can carry your through the seasons. In the summer, pair it with a cute tank for the pretty yet punky look. Purchase one of these babies now and wear it with tights in the fall and winter! 
Zara skirt – $59.99

Leather Dress
Try adding a LBD but leather to your collection this summer, and add some cute accessories to really spice it up! The shorter the better in this case as the less leather is best. Sleevless with some other material integrated in it is probably best as this will help with the movement of the dress when you are hot! Again this will be a piece that will be transitional throughout the seasons and will get the boys looking!
Asos dress – $399.99

Leather jacket
For those cold summer nights, and windy days, a leather jacket is the perfect go to solution! This jacket from Danier is absolutely gorgeous and the color is perfect for summer! Of course, if you don't have a leather jacket already, investing in a good one will carry you through many years to come!  
Danier jacket – $199

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