Keep Hair Colour Longer

Nobody needs to know you're not a natural redhead, but dull and faded colour tends to give away your secret. If you want to keep your colour looking bright and healthy longer, while dying your hair less, follow these tips.

Protect from sun
Your skin isn't the only part of you that needs SPF protection. L'Oreal Professionnel Solar Sublime Protection Spray is a sunblock for your hair. It's no secret that the sun's rays have bleaching qualities (we all remember putting lemon in our hair and heading out in the sun), and it does just that to your hair colour. Spraying a little of this peach scented leave-in treatment every day before you leave the house guarantees that your colour won't fade and your tresses won't be affected by the sun.

Wash with sense

There's some truth to letting your colour set before washing after dying. It's well advised to avoid washing your freshly coloured hair for 3-4 days, and to deeply moisturize before. Use lukewarm water on your hair, instead of very warm or hot, as it may prevent dye fading sooner than it should. Investing in a filtered shower head is also a good idea if you're willing to spend the money, since sediments found in unfiltered tap water can deposit in hair and it.

The Right Products

John Freida has lines devoted to every shade group – blondes, redheads, and brunettes, with different ingredients and properties to keep all hair happy. L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color line has you covered from shampooing all the way to hair masks, designed to keep your color fresh and vibrant. Keeping your hair generally healthy and staying away of parabens is ideal to keep colour longer. Use heat protectants when necessary, air dry as much as possible, and treat your locks to hair masks from ingredients as simple as coconut oil.

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