Step by Step Guide for At Home Facial

There is nothing quite like a professional facial to keep you feeling amazing. However, they can add up very quickly and become a pricey luxury. The good news is, in between facials, there are great options you can do right at home to keep your skin looking its best:

You know the drill. Using a rich cleanser, wash away makeup and residue from your face, neck and ears. Focus on getting off all that eye make-up really well if you can.

Make sure your skin is either still wet or damp before you exfoliate. Concentrate on your forehead, chin and nose and avoid the delicate skin directly under your eyes. Small circular motions can promote blood flow. Exfoliating can be drying to your skin so make sure you don’t overdo it while ensuring you’re hitting the areas that need attention.

The most relaxing part of any facial and this leaves your skin absolutely glowing. You have a couple of options here. You can run a face cloth under warm to hot water, soak the face cloth and place over your face. Repeat three to four times. Or you can invest in a facial steamer. You’ll find it’s well worth the money.

For the cooler months and if it works with your skin type, opt for a good, heavy, moisturizing mask that will work to keep dryness at bay. Leave this one for the directed time and sit back, throw some cucumbers or tea bags over your eyes and enjoy the ˜you’ time.

After you’ve removed the mask, rinse off any remaining residue and moisturize right away.

Try to leave your skin make-up free for the next day or two.

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