Why It’s Fun to Date Your Opposite

You may be thinking that a guy who is your opposite would make you crazy. You’re punctual and he’s always late; you like French food and he likes McDonald’s; he’s a jock and you don’t know the difference between a golf ball and baseball. All kidding aside, dating your opposite can be really fun and adventurous (just think of celeb opposites attract couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Eva Longoria and Tony Parker).

Even if you might be a bookworm, but wouldn’t a white-water river rafting trip with your new guy be fun? You don’t have to change, or try to change him “ instead just enjoy the fun of dating. Here are some reasons why you should try dating your opposite.

New adventures.
Whether it’s trying fun new foods, attending an event you’ve never been to, or the above mentioned rafting trip, dating your opposite can open up a world of new adventures you never imagined yourself trying. New cuisines, new places to travel, the possibilities are endless.

New ideas.
Dating your opposite may bring you a fun new perspective on things, whether its politics or flavors of ice cream. You may learn to respect opposite ideas or ways of thinking, things you never really examined before.

Opposites really do attract.
If you consider yourself a good girl, you know you sometimes give that bad boy the eye and wonder if it would be fun to (fill in the blank). And if you are a bad girl at heart (you know, all smoky-eyed and black leather, even if it’s only after hours), why not give that quiet, well-mannered guy who loves to read a chance? He might be fun. While dating, you’ll both discover different sides to each other, whether it’s intellectually or, well, other ways.

Differences keep you interested.
If you are dating your opposite, everything about him that is different will be interesting, and vice versa. And it’s been proven that finding your partner interesting, and thus being interested in him or her, keeps a relationship alive and leads to greater intimacy. Now doesn’t that sound fun?

Of course, if a guy has opposite values or beliefs from you, that may be difficult. Some couples can work through such differences,, and many interfaith, interracial, and other inter couples thrive. But there are some core values that you may have that will spell doom for your if your guy has the opposite belief.

And he may get annoying after a while.
This goes back to the intro paragraph, when all the things that made you think your guy was so much fun now put your teeth on edge. But don’t let this put you off at least trying out that opposite guy. You may be in for a lot of fun!

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