Honeymoon Destinations for Thrillseekers

After months of planning your big day, you deserve a serious vacation to just let loose. But, why settle for the obvious destinations and instead, use that time to discover someplace new together? Take a look at some of our top destinations for thrillseeking couples who want a honeymoon like no other.


Galapagos Islands

For the deep-diving adventure-seeking couple, there is literally no better honeymoon locale than the Galapagos Islands. With unparalleled scuba diving excursions available, you could literally fill your entire trip swimming around and exploring the underwater beauty of this island. If you can spare the time though, be sure to check out their impressive volcanic ranges, their lava tubes, and, of course, the impressive on-land wildlife as well.

Galapagos Islands


Between the thundering waterfalls, the ice-capped volcanoes, and the beautifully dramatic coastline, there is no better mix of romantic and risk-taking than Iceland. Make sure to take in the Blue Lagoon (like come on, who doesn’t want to see the Blue Lagoon?!), witness the Northern Lights, go on a cave tour, and, duh, go snowmobiling to make the most of your adventure time here in this wintery wonderland.


Zambia, Africa

Home to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Zambia is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth but also a great choice for an adventurous couple. After you’ve scoped out the beauty of the falls, you can brave the rapids by white-water rafting along the Zambezi River to get your adrenaline pumping before you indulge in one of the incredibly scenic safaris the country has to offer.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Picture this: you and your new hubs, scaling high above one of the world’s largest rainforest as you hand glide across their lush greenery, over one of the poshiest areas of the city, and across the stunning coastline to land on the beautifully brilliant beach. Sounds like a dream right? Well it can be a reality if you honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro. Need we say more?

Rio de Janeiro


The potential for adrenaline-filled fun is literally at its limits in Vietnam. With its dense jungles, its mountainous ridges, its towering cliffs, and its seemingly endless waterways, there is literally something for a thrill-seeking couple to do every day. Don’t you dare miss the chance to kitesurfing and scuba diving along their curvaceous coast or hike, cycle, or motorbike your way up through the jaggedly stunning peaks and mountains high above.


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