Turn Your Guy into the Ultimate Romantic

Maybe it’s been a few years, maybe it’s been a few months, maybe it’s only been a few weeks but for whatever reason, the romance has slowly started to subside from your relationship. Welcome to the end of the honeymoon phase my friends. But don’t fret, it doesn’t have to go so soon. Here’s four surefire tips to help get your guy back in the romantic spirit of things when you’re not quite ready to fan the flame just yet…

Lead by example

We all know that relationships are about give and take. Your boyfriend is highly unlikely to want to be a romantic fool for you if you’re not doing things to make him feel special as well. Make an effort to start doing more of the little things you know are important to him and you just might be pleasantly surprised to see him start to reciprocate.

Make him believe it was all his idea

You know how you’ve always really, really, really wanted to go ice-skating with a boyfriend at that little rink just outside the city because you think it’s basically one of the most romantic dates ever? Well we can almost guarantee that it will only take mentioning it once or twice before suddenly you just might find yourself lacing up the skates on that very park. Give him the credit for at least taking the hint.

Rethink your expectations

Let’s be honest ladies, when it comes to romance none of us are really expecting Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. And while you shouldn’t lower your standards to the point of accepting zero romance, keep in mind that over-the-top, always-in-motion romance can get old real fast. Celebrate the little things, they are the moments you’ll remember in the end anyway.

Tell him what you like

If all else fails, sometimes the best way to get a guy to start acting more romantic is to simply ask him to. No, none of this dropping hints crap. We’re talking about straight-to-the-point telling him that you think it’s super romantic when he wakes you up with a kiss on your nose or when he sends you dorky little “I love you” texts. And then ask him you’d like him to do more of that. Plain and simple. 

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