The Best Position for…a One Night Stand

So here’s the scenario: you haven’t had sex in a while, you are super horny, and that dude across the bar is stellar hot. And, well, it sort of ends there. You’ve not interest/time/desire to see him after three hours from now so you might as well make the most of it, right? Here’s our picks for the best positions to guarantee a great lay for one night only.

Your Go-To

Let’s be serious ladies, you met this guy 3.5 seconds ago, he’d have to be a miracle worker to be able to figure out what turns you that quickly. Lessen the odds of disappointed by utilizing your go-to position, that one that you know is always guaranteed to get you off…or at least close enough to it. And remember, no matter how random that position is, you’ll probably never see him again anyway.

Doggy Style

One night stands can be pretty awkward, there is no getting around that. Where am I supposed to be looking? Do I look like I’m enjoying myself? What if I make a weird sex face? OHMYGOD we made eye contact! Just save yourself all the hassle of overthinking it all and bring that sexy booty back on this guy in a way that you’ll never even have to look at his face.

Anyway You Can Touch Yourself

Again, don’t walk into this night with the expectation that this dude is gonna be able to get you off (but if he does, YOU WIN). Taking matters into your own hands is one way to not only guarantee a better shot at getting off but also to make yourself memorable – cause let us tell you, guys think it’s sexy as hell. These positions include the aforementioned doggy style, along with Spooning and Reverse Cowgirl, just to name a few.


Let’s be serious…how can anyone really mess this one up? (And if he does, you can be hella glad you never have to see him again).

Standing (up against the door)

Because, duh, it’s the fastest way to make an exit…

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