Spice Up Your Sexting Game With Flirtmoji

Chances are, if you’re in a committed relationship or dating someone you trust, you’ve likely sent them a steamy text (or several). And while we’ve all heard about the downsides of sexting, studies have shown that it can actually improve your relationship and sex life. But the world of emojis”(which have become a primary mode of communication for many of us)”hasn’t really kept up with our sex-positive attitudes towards communicating with our partners (unless you’re v. creative), and the founders of the app Flirtmoji are hoping to change all of that. With the mission to help people “Have better sext!”, Flirtmoji is just what it sounds like”racy emojis to send to your bae.

“Sexting is a complicated proposition. Sex is so intimate and expressive, and a lot of the time plain text exchanges aren’t,” says Flirtmoji artist & co-founder Katy McCarthy. “We wanted to create a playful language that supplements texting with that intimacy.” With that in mind, you’ll find everything from G-rated material like chocolate-dipped strawberries and a hottub to kinky stuff like assless chaps and BDSM gags and bondage. (And some stuff we haven’t quite figured out yet….).

Along with its super-fun spirit and sex-positive messaging, we love Flirtmoji’s commitment to issues around consent (and yes, there are emojis for that too). “Once we started to develop flirty and sexy sketches, we realized there was an opportunity for functional language; emojis for consent and boundaries and sexual health,” says McCarthy. “We wanted to make it easier for folks to talk about hard topics, and complicated fetishes, and to make weird and sexy metaphors.”

The Flirtmoji founders McCarthy and artist Jeremy Yingling are also committed to diversity and inclusion in representation”something we can totally get behind.

“When we started Flirtmoji, the standard emoji offering was entirely white (and yellow). We knew we wanted to critique that with our artwork, and that quickly permeated all elements of the project; body types, gender norms, sexual identities,” continues McCarthy. “The Flirtmoji Keyboard offering is full of that diversity. Unlike standard emoji use today where you ‘choose the skin color’, our diversity is all mixed in and mashed up and visible in every row of emojis. So rather than selecting either a ˜black flasher man’ or  a ˜white flasher woman’ etc, we want our users to think ˜there’s a sexy ass flasher’ and then ˜there’s a bold beautiful banana-rider’ so that individual identity becomes secondary to the big bold and beautiful spectrum of human sexuality.” Amen to that.


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    I never knew about these flirtmoji, but it sure looks cute! I would love to use this when flirting with my boyfriend every night. lol.

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