The Art of Playing Matchmaker

There are hundreds of ways for strangers to find each other and fall in leeeeerrve: through friends, through hobbies, online dating, speed dating, professional matchmakers, the options are endless. But do you really want your single best girl friend, the total package of looks, brains and personality, to have to put herself through any of the above in her quest for a serious relationship? Of course not.

If you can count yourself among the amorously attached, you should consider it your #1 priority (with your single girlfriend’s blessing of course) to assist her in the search for her soulmate. After all, if the peep-toe bootie were on the other foot, wouldn’t you expect the same support?

Where to begin:

Your guy’s friends
You chose him for a reason, so chances are his closest buddies share qualities in common such as sense of humour, level of education and general attitude towards life. The bright side for your girl friend is that the background checks have been done on these guys, so no axe-murderers or polygamists in the mix. Bright side for you: double dates you actually enjoy!

Your colleagues
Post-work drinks are the perfect opportunity to introduce and integrate your amazing best girl friend. She’ll get to see the people you work with at their best and most relaxed (ie., after a few cold ones) in a casual, friendly environment. Not everyone shows their best side one-on-one, but in this situation there’s absolutely no pressure or obligation. The bright side here is that she’s already got some background having heard some of your work tales, and you can vouch for their character – in the office at least!

Your guy’s workmates
If you work with all women, gays or senior citizens, your guy’s colleagues are another great source of potential hot dates for your single girl friend. The bright side here is that you are one degree removed from these fresh dating options – so if she does or doesn’t hit it off with someone, you have less of an emotional investment. You’ll also know less about their dating past so she can approach with a clean slate. Bonus: you know for sure that he has a job!

Roommates, teammates & neighbours
People in long term serious committed relationships tend to have their blinders on when it comes to the peripheral hot singles in their lives. If you keep bumping into the cute bachelor from 3D in the laundry room, or hear that the shy guy with the stellar serve from Tuesday night volleyball is recently single, invite these guys to your next rooftop barbeque or cheesy boardgame night which your single girlfriend also happens to be attending. Roommates are a great option too – you might know their intimate habits a bit too well to be attracted yourself, but maybe all your roomie needs is a lofty goal like a date with your amazing girl friend to snap them out of the all-night online gaming world they currently inhabit.

Single girls already have the game plan down:
they’re putting themselves out there, saying yes to every invite, and not ever settling for Mr. Pretty Decent. So it’s up to those friends who’ve already locked it down to lend a hand – not necessarily forcing a perfect pairing, just shopping for some quality ingredients to add to the mix. The bright side to being a dedicated wing-woman for your girlfriends is that you get to scratch that Type-A itch to be involved, PLUS she may actually end up with someone you already know and love. Win/win!

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