Sex Toy Parties

You’re no prude, but throwing a sex toy party sounds daunting. It doesn’t have to be! Bonding with your favourite girlfriends over sex, orgasms and the latest passion-producing toys is one of the most entertaining ways to spend an evening. By the end of the night, you’ll have learned more about your own pleasure, how to please your partner, and ultimately, feel a lot more comfortable talking about sex. 
What is a Sex Toy Party? 
Sex toy parties are a lot like the Tupperware parties your mother might have had”but in place of plastic containers with re-sealable lids, think vibrators and flavoured condoms.  
Hosting a Sex Toy Party 
The best way to go about hosting your own sex toy party is to find an expert to do it for you! All you need to provide is the venue and guests. Most sex toy purveyors offer this service or work with an outside sex toy consultant, who is an expert on all manner of lotions, potions, gizmos and gadgets. This person will also be able to answer any burning questions you might have about a particular product or sex in general. Of course, to even think about hosting a party, you’ll have to provide proof that your guests are all over 18 years of age. And like all parties, don’t forget the fun little details: candles, music, chocolates and champagne.  
Sexy Benefits 
Female bonding and sexy education are obvious benefits of hosting a sex toy party, but you can share the love, too. Consider hosting your party to benefit your favourite cause”ask each guest to make a small donation in lieu of bringing wine or gifts.
Hot Items 
These days, the hottest sex toys are eco-friendly”meaning they’re made without harmful phthalates, a chemical linked to endocrine disorders, testicle malfunction and cancer. Here are two top toys:

For Her: The Jack Rabbit Vibrator. As seen on Sex and the City, this toy remains popular because it has an assortment of speeds and motions, and concentrates on stimulating the elusive G-spot. 


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