Romantic Winter Getaways

Snow bunnies rejoice! For those ladies who love the cool, as much as they love their man, we’ve compiled a list of our top six locations for a perfectly picturesque winter getaway with your guy.

Close to home…

Quebec City
There is good reason why many travel experts believe Quebec City to be the most romantic city in North America. With its beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River and its historic European feel, Quebec City is the perfect atmosphere for couples who want to stroll the cobblestone streets arm-in-arm and visit the gorgeous lamplit cafes.

Set in the midst of the majestic Rockie mountains, Banff manages to perfectly blend together beautifully picturesque views with a stellar skiing area, and a quietly quaint town. Filled to the brim with high-end shops, gourmet eats, and relaxing spas, it has everything on hand to make it the perfect getaway for you and your man.

Across the border…

Sisters, Oregon
Located a few hours from the Western Canadian border, along the beautiful Cascade Mountains of central Oregon, Sisters is a charming retreat that offers couples romance and seclusion from the outside world. Rent a rustic cabin and enjoy the spectacular scenery during the day while snuggling warm by the fire at night.

Are you and your man more of the adrenaline-seeking types? Then head off to Alaska to spend your days undertaking amazing adventures like cross-country skiing or dog sledding on the Iditarod Trail. And what about your evenings? Keep the thrills alive by making risky food choices at their amazing plethora of top quality restaurants.

Across the ocean¦

We’re pretty sure it doesn’t get any more romantic than riding in a one-horse open sleigh, right? Well you can do that in Finland, as well as spend your night sleeping in an actual glass-domed snow igloo (don’t worry, they have fireplaces), under the astounding muti-coloured lights of the aurora borealis. 

Pair Backcountry Skiing and Hot Springs in Japan
Sure, Japan probably isn’t the place most people think of when they pair together romance and snow, but think again. The perfect place to blend the coolness of cross-country skiing among scenic volcanic land and the heat of outdoor hot springs. The perfect way to experience adventure, relaxation, and romance all in one.

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