People Are Marrying Themselves And Here’s Why This Is Amazing

Good news for those who are so done with online dating: sologamy could be the next big relationship trend. For those not in the know, sologamy is just what it sounds like: the practice of marrying yourself. And no, we’re not making this up

Supermodel/actress Adriana Lima recently that she married herself, baring her ring on Instagram, and her fans rejoiced. In the caption, she explained: What’s up with the ring? Its symbolic, I am committed to myself and my own happiness. I am married with me. Ladies love yourself and yes I am single.

Her decision wasn’t due to a shortage of options. Lima was married to basketball player Marko Jaric from 2009-2014, and earlier this year, divorced New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. There’s also the fact that she’s gorgeous, speaks four languages and is the second-highest paid model in the world, so there’s that. The message here is clear: this lady just wants to be alone.

What’s cool about this is that Lima is acting as a role model for other women”(and her 11.1 million Instagram followers)”who don’t want to get married, or would rather just commit to themselves and have a celebration about it. And that’s very cool because: Women doing things alone should be allowed. Women wanting to do things alone should be allowed. Marriage isn’t for everyone. And it doesn’t have to be. Marrying yourself could be a new path to happiness for women who don’t jive with traditional marriage for whatever reason. 

The newly-self-married Lima followed in the footsteps of an American woman, Yasmin Eleby, who married herself in 2015 and caught Cosmopolitan’s attention. I’d been saying for a few years that if I hadn’t gotten married by the time I was 40, I’d just have a wedding by myself, Eleby told ABC News. I decided I didn’t want it to be a joke. I wanted to have a celebration of myself. My wedding was going to be about me making a commitment to love myself, to honor myself and to know my self-worth. To this, we say: you go Glen Coco. 

While sologamy isn’t recognized in the US or Europe, it’s an expression of the self-love/self-empowerment movement, which continues to grow year over year. To proponents, the benefits of marrying yourself are pretty clear: no dealing with an expensive ceremony you don’t want, no resentment about finances or chores and no sex with only one person for life. It’s all about doing you, and seeing the possibilities that can come up when you give up striving for something you just feel like you should do.

If you want to tie the knot, check out for a DIY wedding “in a box,” or, make one however you want. After all, that’s what self-love is all about. 

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