Okay So HOW Are Canadians Getting Matched Up?

Alright, so if you're in Ontario, you're into "cottaging." Or at least that's what a latest study by Match.com claims.

In a survey of 1,010 Canadian singles (conducted in October), Match.com determined the most-used words used in Canadian dating profiles, per province. You ready for this?

Alberta/Saskatchewan: "Quadding" (four-wheeling — this means four-wheeling)

British Columbia: "Grouse" (as in the mountain)

Manitoba: "Jets" (football, you guys)

New Brunswick: "Francais" (as in, I personally do not speak it)

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia: "Horton's" (I'll give you three guesses)

Northwest Territories: "Career" (I feel you)

Ontario: "Cottaging" (we're a bunch of snobs)

Prince Edward Island: "Harness" (sure!)

Quebec: "Regle" (this is a French word for "settling down")

Yukon: "Folks" (amazing)

So there you have it! You want to attract the citizens of these provinces? Now you have your gateway words. That's all . . . folks. (I am hilarious.)

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