Knowing When It’s Time to Move On

Trying to figure out when it may be time to walk away from your once blissful, now less than blissful relationship, is no easy thing to do. In fact, many of us, spend months, sometimes years contemplating how to know when it’s over between the two of you. While you can’t break down the matters of the heart to a science, there are some clear cut signs you can pick up on that may help you know when it’s simply the time to walk away.

1) The Effort Rollercoaster:
In the beginning, everything is sunshine and rainbows. We all know that. And both of you are putting in the maximum effort to keep things exciting and fresh and fun. However, over time, yes, things level off a bit, but one thing that should remain a constant, is the effort you both put in to maintain a stable and healthy relationship. If you’ve noticed real changes in effort, ask yourself this: Do you still feel like a priority to the other person?

2) Broken promises, broken plans: 
Big or small, it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps more often than not, promises are being broken. Maybe she doesn’t call when she said she would or maybe he decides last minute he’s not up for getting together after all. Either way, if you notice an increase in broken promises, start paying really close attention to what’s going on. Ask yourself this: Can you live with this rollercoaster forever?

3) All the work and none of the fun: 
There’s a give and take in all relationships but if you start to feel like there is a shift in the responsibility of maintaining this relationship and it now lies solely on your shoulders. Consider if the load is really worth carrying and more importantly, if you are okay with it long-term.

4) You’d rather wash your hair:
If you keep checking the time when you’re together or fantasizing about getting home, changing into something more comfy, plunking on the couch just in time to catch Grey’s Anatomy, maybe that lovin’ feeling has played its course. Bottom line, if you aren’t enjoying his or her company anymore, what more are you doing other than just passing time?

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