Does Your Friend Gush Too Much About Her Guy?

Friends are supposed to be there through the good, the bad, and the ugly “ especially when it comes to relationships. By definition it’s our responsibility to support and listen to absolutely everything “ but what if your friend is talking about her boyfriend so much that it’s borderline obsessive and driving you crazy?  Here’s how to tactfully let her know that you don’t care to hear about the play-by-play of his life?

Micro-manage the conversation

If you go in with a series of topics on hand “ it may help keep your chats from constantly derailing to be only about him. Find ways to twist the subject. If you find that she always reverts back to discussing his latest gym routine or his new only-protein diet, you’re going to have to reevaluate the severity of situation.

Start to drop hints

If constantly changing the topic has gone completely unnoticed and she’s still rambling about him, it may be time to start dropping subtle hints about how becoming completely obsessed with boyfriends (ahem, no pointing fingers of course), doesn’t make for a healthy relationship. Maybe start the subject with “ “wow, I can’t get over how crazy Heidi and Spencer are on The Hills “ he dominates all of her conversations – does she even have a life outside of him?” Now, pause, and wait for her response. Does she agree? Work with that.

No more sugar coating “ get out with it

If it’s become unbeareable and you find that even you and your other friends are now talking about her boyfriend “ it’s time you grow a pair and tell her it’s making you mental. Approach the topic lightly (you don’t want her to stop talking to you altogether) and just say you would enjoy hearing more about her and less about him all the time. Remind her that her life is just as important as his and theirs together. The talk may encourage the light bulb to go off and her to reevaluate how much energy she spends worrying less about herself and more about him (no one wants to be this girl).


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