Boyfriend Gift Ideas (for the guy who has everything)

Finding the perfect gift for your guy can be fun, or it can be down right difficult if the guy has everything under the sun! Whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary, or just because, it’s always the thought that counts. Think about the type of guy he is-sporty, an intellect, a book lover, or all three! Coming up with gift ideas for your boyfriend is also as simple as listening and watching carefully. Try to pick up on any hints he might unknowingly give away when you are talking about cool gadgets, or are out shopping and he points something out. When all else fails, here are some ideas we think any boyfriend would love.

Whether it’s his 21st or 30th birthday, you can always make him feel special with this fool-proof birthday idea. Plan your day with your guy, and throughout the day reveal to him one present for every year he was born. Don’t go all out and break the bank by buying countless expensive gifts- keep it simple with some bigger ticket items thrown in there. You can start with a card, then take him to his favourite place in the city. Then maybe give him a hand-written letter. Pick two or three-or four depending on your budget!- special gifts that will be the bigger items. He will be like a kid again waiting for the next gift and will be just as happy with a picture frame with a picture of the two of you, as he will be with a new toy. We suggest saving some of the more romantic gifts for the end of your gift-giving spree. Maybe include some coupons for things you will do for him-or to him!

That day that comes every year should be a time to remember the great things about your relationship- so do just that! Take your guy on a tour of all the great dates you have had, and recreate your most memorable ones. Have dinner at your favourite restaurant, rent the first movie you saw together, and dance to a CD of his favourite songs you compiled for him. If you’re on a budget, your anniversary can still be special. Collect your favourite pictures of you as a couple, or his favourite pictures of you! Think ahead and keep movie ticket stubs, tickets to concerts you attend together, and anything else that is personal to you two lovebirds. Glue everything onto poster board and you can write a message on the back. The time and thought you put into it will show your man all the lovin he needs!

With simple everyday gifts you can really tailor your ideas to your guy. If he is super sporty, look no further than taking him out for some beers and watch the game with him. He will love that you are taking an interest in his team or favourite sport. If you are looking for something more, you could get him a jersey of his favourite player, and even model it yourself! Another gift idea for your boyfriend is to get him that t-shirt he has been eyeing, but ˜doesn’t really need’. Whether they like to admit it or not, most guys have must-have fashion items too! You could also just show how thoughtful you really are and meet him for a pic nick or a dinner at home with all his favourite foods, prepared with lots of love! You know what they say; the secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

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