Best Positions for…a Quickie

Because, let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy to spend hours getting down and dirty with your dude and well, sometimes a quickie is pretty darn hot. Here’s our picks for the best positions to get your both off in as quickly as possible.

Bathroom sink backup

It’s 11pm and you’re exhausted but oh so horny. When you and your guy are brushing your teeth before bed, lean your butt back against him and give him a knowing rub. Let him tug down his boxer and lift your nightie and slip right in. Use the countertop as leverage and let his hands roam around front to help you reach your pre-bed peak as quickly as he will. Trust us, neither of you will have any trouble dosing off that night.

Sexy wall stand

Next time your man greets you at the front door after a long and hectic day, grab him and throw your bodies up against the wall. Be prepared (think skirt!) so that you can unzip him quickly and have him lift you up by your thighs and enter you quickly and swiftly. Use his shoulders for balance and the wall against your back for leverage while he thrusts away taking you both over the edge in a totally unexpected and primal manner.

Kitchen table catch-up

Maybe you’ve both been so busy that you feel like the only time you see one another is in passing through some of the common areas of your house. Why not take advantage of the next time he’s slaving over the stove to make you a quick bite and climb up on to the table to wait for him to turn around….naked. Usually the perfect height to allow for optimal penetration, you dude can ditch his pants and slip into you easily and finish before your dinner will even get cold.

Seated stride

Your guy is sitting across from you on the couch looking so incredible sexy and suddenly the bedroom just seems so far away and the game is starting in 5. Toss of your bottoms and climb onto his lap for a quick romp that will not only give you awesome face-to-face intimacy but will also rub you in all the right places (hello, clitoris meets treasure trail) to help you both make the most of your limited time.

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