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The Bachelor Canada and Rimmel London held a media brunch at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, where we had the opportunity to grill the newest reality TV hunk. Of course, we asked the obvious questions. How real is the show? How awkward is it? Are you engaged? Fortunately, Brad Smith is a sweetheart and told us that he’s too stubborn to not be himself on the show, that shooting the scene where he is in the shower was the most awkward moment and that he wouldn’t tell us if he had found the one, but he did say he’d never regret the experience. I am dieing for [the season] to end so I can have a normal life and I can talk about everything, he joked.

On Wednesday night’s premiere of The Bachelor Canada, the coveted First Impression Rose was up for grabs. Brad chose Whitney, the muscular boxer with an Angelina Jolie pout, and this set a few ladies in the house off. So why did she get the rose? We asked! A lot of the other girls were giving a speech about themselves, and Whitney was the first real conversation I’d had at that point, he explained. That was the only one that felt natural. She wasn’t talking to me to tell me who she was, she was getting to know me and I was getting to know her. That is why it was easy [to give her the first impression rose].

When making a first impression it is important to be confident and act natural. The more prepared you are the less real you seem. We rounded up some of dos and don’ts, based on Wednesday night’s episode, when making a first impression.

Don’t be crazy

Some girls had their claws out before they even stepped out of the limo. Don’t distract yourself with the competition. Focus on your relationship! Although, Brad said that he completely understood why this particular situation would make some women crazy. If I was dating someone and a guy came up to me and said, ˜I like your girlfriend’, I’d smack him, he admitted.

Be confident

Confidence attracts! The girls who seemed to immediately catch Brad’s attention were the ones who were poised and assertive. They weren’t over-sharing or giggling like schoolgirls, they were calm and collected. Keeping your cool in a chaotic situation is a great quality to have.

Don’t drink too much

Brad told us that the rose ceremony took 14 hours to film, ending at 9 a.m. That means some of the women had been knocking back glasses of wine for quite some time. We’re pretty confident that this only added fuel to the flame when it came to the more dramatic moments in the episode.

Be feminine

One bachelorette, Mindy, wore a pair of hiking boots to the rose ceremony. It was a cute gimmick, but a man isn’t looking for a buddy, he wants a woman he can fall in love with. In the former Bachelorette Jillian Harris’ words, this immediately landed her in the friend zone.  

To catch all the drama go down and see if Brad finds his match, tune in to The Bachelor Canada on CityTV on Wednesday evenings at 9pm. 

Brad and I at the Rimmel London event:

Sara Koonar

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