Zoe Saldana Bares All for Calvin Klein

Zoe Saldana is peeling back the layers for Calvin Klein again. Only this time, it’s not just layers of clothing, it’s emotional layers as well.

The Takers star is appearing in a set of new commercials for Calvin Klein Underwear during which she confides personal details about herself while lounging in CK delicates. Saldana joined as a face of Calvin Klein last month.

I’ve got nothing to hide, so what do you want to know? declares the actress in one of the three black-and-white confessionals shot by Mikael Jansson.

Saldana helped write each script, divulging quirks like I learned to ride a dirt bike when I was nine, and when a guy cries, it makes me melt.

In one of the spots, Saldana reveals that she has a few tattoos, but says very few people know where they are. Given that she’s sporting CK underwear only, you have to wonder where these secret tattoos are that wouldn’t be visible in an underwear commercial.

Leave it to sultry Saldana to throw out a casual mention of naughty tattoos to keep her mystery alive, despite willingly offering up her body and mind on a silver CK platter.

The commercials are due to debut in the United States tonight just before the Emmys begin, but are also available at nothingtohide.com.


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