XWeighted Kicks Off National Weight-Loss Challenge

Ok, so a New Year wish to drop pounds isn’t anything new, but doing it in a group, as part of a community really helps you stick to it. Just ask Dr. Oz, who launched his new 11-week regimen, which literally had tens of thousands of people join. Now, it’s Canada’s turn to follow through with their health resolutions and get serious about their health.

The popular weight loss show, X-Weighted helps participants lose weight and get healthy on the Slice network. Now X-Weighted is set launch a spin-off component to the show with their National Weight Loss Challenge, hosted on xweighted.ca. Their National Challenge kicks off this week.

The National Challenge is a 26-week weight-loss program. Participants record their initial weight and measurements and are assigned a healthy weight goal. You’re given six months to achieve (or keep) that goal for a chance to win one of three grand prizes, to be awarded in July.

Xweighted.ca has nutritional, fitness and motivational tools to help participants along the way. The Challenge kicks off this Saturday, January 15.

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