Worst Hair in Hollywood

Despite all the surplus stylists in Hollywood, every once in a while a few stars manage to slip through the cracks. Amazing but true, even mega-watt celebs are capable of making hair-raising mistakes. We’ve pick out some of the worst hairdos in Hollywood¦would you try these trends?


Once a hair goddess, Rihanna’s latest peacock-inspired style is definitely Rated R. The color looks brassy and yellow, while the faded sides are harsh compared to her pretty features. We love that she’s willing to take risks, but we want a return to the asymmetrical bob, asap.

Worst Hair Rihanna


Lady Gaga

When it’s not playing host to a weird and wonderful inanimate object, Lady Gaga’s hair is still begging for attention. Though it’s eye catching, the yellow color isn’t anywhere near as fun as shades of silver and lavender we’ve seen previously.

Worst Hair Lady Gaga 


Mel B

When Cassie first made a statement by fading one side of her hair, who would have thought this trend would catch on? The ex-spice girl’s hair is definitely Scary, but what’s more so is her daughters have crazy coifs to match!

Worst Hair Mel B 


Kate Gosselin

While she may have said goodbye to the reverse mullet, Kate’s hair extensions just don’t quite fit. Looking at her with longer locks is like seeing at Mariah Carey at the Oscars. We still can’t quite take it seriously.

 Worst Hair Kate Gosselin


Britney Spears

From the infamous G.I. Jane look to the ever-changing color, Brit’s hair is nothing short of a disaster. We’d like to see Britney back to rocking a natural hued ˜do, as opposed to the painfully-obvious extensions and desperate dye-jobs.

Worst Hair Brittany Spears 


Who are your picks for worst Hollywood hair? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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