Topshop Coming to Canada

It’s finally happening: after months (years?) of wishing, praying and hoping, Topshop will be making the leap across the Atlantic and planting its roots on Canadian soil.

The Bay confirmed yesterday that it has secured rights to franchise in Canada, allowing both Topshop and Topman to open their doors in our fair nation – both as in-store shops and stand-alone units.

President and chief executive officer of The Bay added to the country’s excitement with the following announcement: “We couldn’t be more excited about adding Topshop and Topman to the Bay’s growing roster of fashion-forward finds. It’s a material step toward cementing The Bay as a world-class department store that delivers the ultimate fashion experience for our savvy clientele”.

If you remember, Jonathan + Olivia opened a Topshop in boutique in downtown Toronto last year, and in the spirit of staying centred around the Ontario capital, we can expect the first The Bay Topshop to open downtown Toronto in the fall. (And don’t worry, we’re sure Topman will be opening soon to the excitement of gentlemen and their ladies everywhere.)

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