Stars React to Lindsay Lohan at New York Fashion Week

After throwing two drinks at two separate photographers this week, Lindsay Lohan’s record is looking less than stellar. And while some of us must’ve thought we were the only ones tired of the same song-and-dance (I mean, how is she still getting invited to things?), reports out of New York Fashion Week say otherwise.

Despite “not being welcome” at various events throughout the city, Lindsay Lohan showed up to the V Magazine party, only to get (publicly) shunned by Mary-Kate Olsen. Having “reportedly flipped” after being seated across the Freaky Friday star, a source claims that one-half of the Olsen duo apparently “looked so upset about her seat and kept looking over at Lindsay”. She was then overheard saying “I really don’t want to be here right now”. (To which we would’ve replied, “We know – we said the same thing about I Know Who Killed Me, too”.)

The next night, appearing at the Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs swoiree, reports claim perfume spokesperson Dakota Fanning “rolled her eyes” and “scooted further down the banquette to get away from Lindsay”. Yikes.

Considering Lindsay’s downward spiral, reactions like these aren’t entirely surprising. But at this point in the game – and having slowly but surely alienated each and every person on the young Hollywood landscape – you’ve got to wonder whether regardless of sobriety or comeback techniques, will Lindsay Lohan ever be able to regain the momentum she had nearly a decade ago?

Though I’m sure we all asked the same thing about Robert Downey Jr. (or Rob Lowe) once upon a time.


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