Spencer Pratt wants to represent Charlie Sheen

It’s been a banner week for Charlie Sheen, and considering it’s only Tuesday, that’s saying something.

Hot on the heels of his publicist’s departure, the (former?) Two and a Half Men star was recently propositioned by the king of facepalms himself, Spencer Pratt, who offered to step up and fill the PR role.

In a statement to TMZ, the crystal-loving reality (?) star claimed he would even work for free, going on to reveal “I want to be Charlie Sheen’s new publicist … I am offering to be his media point man and that I have great contacts with media outlets and will work for free just to be part of his ‘WINNING TEAM'”. (Did you hear that? It’s the sound of the eighth sign of the impending apocalypse.)

And as if things couldn’t get worse, Sheen has tossed social censorship to the wind, blasting everyone from the public to his family to anyone that judges him, unleashing his lawyer on CBS and Warner Bros. (you know – the guys that kept him employed despite the crazy) and going absolutely wild on countless television appearances. (Seriously – we’d give a specific example, but the TMZ interview was 42 minutes alone.)

So the real question of the hour is as follows: if the artist formerly known as Denise Richards’ husband (man alive – remember that?) can’t tone down his inner Courtney Love, how long will it be before he pulls a Lohan and disappears for several moons? After all, at least Robert Downey Jr. had talent – can the same be said for Oliver Stone’s former muse?

Let’s see what Wednesday brings.

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