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How many times has Kate Bosworth topped best dressed lists, and how many times have reading said lists prompted you to head to the store with inspiration in mind? (No? Did I take it too far?)

Well, it’s official – when it comes to shopping for accessories, you now have her personal assistance.  (Sort of.)

Enter:, the newly launched website created by the fashionista and stylist/designer Cher Coulter, where the discussion and purchase of jewelry will be secondary only to the access of an exclusively designed line by the fashion power duo.  For a monthly subscription fee of $29.99, members will have dibs on one specialty piece a month, while sharing potential purchases through networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Of the venture, Kate reveals: “It’s a natural extension of our friendship, our creative relationship and our love of fashion.  We couldn’t be more excited.”

In all fairness, most of us would probably pay quite a bit more for the novelty of acquiring custom-made pieces by a designer and actress, but the real question of the hour remains: is $30 monthly for a chance to purchase part of a line a little too much? Are actresses-turned-designers still relevant?

Regardless, if Kate Bosworth knows one thing, it’s fashion – maybe she knows business, too.

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