Robert Pattison Gets his own Line of Underwear

Twi-Hards in the UK will be getting a special little treat from British department store, Marks & Spencer, who will be launching a line of Robert Pattinson inspired underwear. 

The underwear line, which will be called R-Pants (how fantastic is that!?) will be designed to wear underneath slim-fit skinny jeans as a way to appeal to a younger, hip crowd. Apparently, the line of boxers and briefs were also inspired by celebrities like Russel Brand and Mark Ronson, who are notoriously known for wearing skinny, low-rise pants. 

Basically, it’s a marketing ploy to get younger people shopping at Marks & Spencer. “Over the last three years we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of hipsters,” says Richard Beale, head of merchandising. “The new range is designed to appeal to a younger, fashion-savvy customer.”

What I don’t understand is, why did Marks & Spencer create this R-Patz inspired undies line for men? Considering 99% of Twi-hards out there are actually female, this might not have been the smartest choice.

Unfortunately for the Twi-hards however, Robert Pattinson will not be modelling the R-Pants line of undies in the ad campaigns. But, apparently he does shop at Marks & Spencer for his unmentionables.  Now, that would be a fun celebrity run-in! 

The R-Pants will be available in September at Marks & Spencer. 

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