Project Runway Meets High Fashion Bohemia

It’s recently been announced that socialite-turned-fashionista/doting mom Nicole Richie, has been chosen to guest judge on the upcoming season premiere of Lifetime favourite, Project Runway.  (Does everyone else recognize how great this will be?  Can I get a collective heck yes?)

Not only has Nicole grown head and shoulders above her younger twenty-something self, but she maintains fashion relevance in the wake of family life, committing to statements true to her bohemian-inspired high-fashion self.  (Considering some women use motherhood to justify ill-fitting jogging pants, and that the public still curse Paris Hilton after society’s oversaturation nearly seven years ago, the fact that Nicole is still liked is an achievement in itself.)

In a statement backing up the decision, executive producer Sara Rea stated the obvious, sharing that Ms. Richie maintains strong opinions and gives clear and specific constructive criticism to the designers and that she isn’t afraid to disagree with the other judges.  Um, amazing.  I know A Simple Life was ages ago (and that Nicole has moved on, matured and fully come into her own), but I still hold a candle to the young woman who embraced the beauty of shock value television; saying everything that came into her head whenever she felt the need.

Sure, she’s not going to curse the contestants or abandon professionalism, but even as she smiles nonchalantly on the red carpet, you know her internal dialogue is wittier than most last night comedians.  (Or at least more entertaining than Heidi Klum’s stint at last year’s Emmys.)


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