Pad Thai Worse for You Than McDonald’s?

When you’re craving takeout, an Asian vegetable and noodle dish seems like a much wiser choice than a greasy burger.

And without doubt, most (if not all) health-conscious women would choose a cute carry-out carton of pad Thai over four of McDonald’s famously fattening burgers.

But in a new nutritional analysis released Thursday, The Dish found that the chicken pad Thai from popular takeout chain Thai Express has more than half the average daily calorie and fat intake and a whopping 175 per cent more than the daily sodium intake.

Here’s the breakdown of The Dish‘s data:

“You could eat four burgers from McDonald’s and still have consumed fewer calories and less fat and sodium than what’s in this meal,” registered dietitian Shannon Crocker told The Dish. “There is nothing redeeming about this meal.”

Crocker reasoned that the pad Thai’s astonishingly poor nutritional profile is because it’s “just refined carbohydrates,” made up mostly of gooey, soy-sauced rice noodles with a few bean sprouts.

That’s close to the calories and sodium you’d take in from downing two entire boxes of Kraft Dinner, and more fat than a bag of Oreos.

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