One of Charlie Sheen’s “Goddesses” Leaves

A Goddess has left Charlie Sheen‘s building.

Just a few days after his candid 20/20 interview in the home he shares with his two proclaimed goddesses, model Natalie Kenly and porn star Bree Olson, Olson jumped ship.

Sheen tweeted at 12:11 a.m. this morning:

“Update: Sober Valley Lodge; Rachel has left the building…., We’re sad…. Over it…. Applications now being accepted! #winner”

He didn’t say why Olson “ who he called by her real name, Rachel “ chose to leave. Needless to say the recent media melee surrounding Sheen could’ve been a teensy problem, but if that’s the case, you have to wonder what took so long.

But Olson seemed perfectly at ease with their relationship during their interview on 20/20 this week, even saying she’d love to marry Charlie.

And the feeling seemed mutual. Sheen spoke highly of his goddesses.

These are my girlfriends. These are the women that I love that have completed the three parts of my heart, Sheen said. Maybe the three of us will get married, I don’t know.

Well we know one woman who won’t be vying for Olson’s vacancy: Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was creeped out when she found out Sheen (who only follows 29 people on Twitter) had chosen to follow her.

FYI, I’ve never met @charliesheen in my LIFE, and he’s following me now? Tweeted Hyland. Really creeped out. Ew. #notwinning.

This morning Hyland said I’m so confused. Not about anything specific. Idk. I don’t think before I tweet haha.

Someone must have agreed with her (furious/must-be-diehard Sheen fans, perhaps?), because the Sheen tweet was removed. She replaced it with:

The only CS I’m ever talking about again is CS Lewis. Classic.

That’s probably time better spent, Sarah. Team Hyland!

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