One and a Half Men?

So word on the street is that Charlie Sheen’s run on the ever-popular Two and a Half Men is coming to a close after sources (who are these sources?) have claimed that the actor has been telling friends that he has no intention of returning for the next season.  (Gasp!)

While the viewership of the series remains a mystery (who watches it? Does anybody know?), Two and  a Half Men will likely no longer have the same affect with only one man and a mere half (though Jon Cryer is incredibly charming).  Also, why would Charlie Sheen leave?  Where is he going, and with all of his legal disputes, where can he go?

Truthfully, nothing’s been confirmed, and with sources being the only ones to step forward and offer their insight, there may be no truth to the rumour at all.  However, with his potential jail time coupled with the fact this announcement seems to have come out the blue, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a chance the show may be minus one leading man.

You also can’t help but wonder if the show would be more interesting if Charlie’s character learned how to cope with life in the big house. 

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