Mindy Kaling To Head New FOX Show?

We’ve all loved and read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? so it makes sense that Fox heavyweights are championing Mindy Kaling to star in her own TV show.

With previous rumours having stated that Mindy Kaling would head her own Office spin-off series, Vulture has reported that actress-currenly-known-as-Kelly Kapoor may have her show of a very different nature instead. Apparently written by and starring Mindy Kaling, the series will centre around an OB/GYN who’s a “Bridget Jones-type doctor trying to navigate both her personal and professional lives.”

So far, a pilot’s been ordered, and Office producer Howard Klein will work with Mindy Kaling as an executive producer on the Fox pilot. Evidently, NBC passed on the series, but with the success of Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl, Fox are looking to capitalize on their current market. (And as they should.)

Set to be produced by Universal TV, we can only assume that the series will be on par with Mindy Kaling’s bestselling book. Or at least rank on the same level of The Office, that Mindy’s been writing for since the very beginning.

But wouldn’t it be even better if Kelly Kapoor just decided to switch jobs? No? Well regardless, we look forward to the new pilot.

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