Mario Lopez Gets his Own Show, Saved by the Baby

Mario Lopez is about to star in his own VH1 reality show. And it’s called Saved by the Baby. Yeah, you heard right. 

Apparently still milking off his fame of the popular 1980’s and 90’s sitcom, Saved by the Bell (okay, the show was great, so I would too), the new show will give an inside look at Mario as he adjusts to fatherhood. He and his girlfriend, Courtney Mazza welcomed a baby girl in September. 

According to the network, the show will have everything from the hottest parties to the dirtiest diapers.” I’m not really sure what is actually going to make this show noteworthy. Perhaps Mario will embark on a new career move? Maybe Mario and Courtney have a very dysfunctional relationship? Or, maybe Mario spends a great deal of his time shirtless. Who knows, but apparently someone out there thought it was worth giving Mario a reality show, so he has to be interesting, right? 

As Perez Hilton so kindly put it, we can all make fun of this show as much as we want, but we know we’ll all secretly watch it. Who can resist the thought of AC Slater (Oops! I mean Mario) growing up and becoming a dad with his girlfriend, who also happens to be a performer? No one. I’m sure I’ll tune in for an episode or two (I have a thing for bad TV. Jersey Shore, The Hills, Flavour of Love; you name it, I’ve seen it). 

According to VH1, between Mario’s jobs at Extra and America’s Best Dance Crew, and Courtney’s role as a performer, the two are going to be a pair of busy parents. Maybe this will be the cause for some big blow-up fights (come on guys, you know the fights are the best part of reality TV!). 

Saved by the Baby will premiere on VH1 on November 1st. Will you be tuning in? 

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