Lost No Longer

So it’s official: as of Sunday May 23, the Lost saga will come to a close, (hopefully) answering the hundreds of questions its years of intrigue, adventure and mystery have undoubtedly spawned.

Maintaining a strong (albeit cult) following throughout its four-year run, the series “ once renowned for its uniqueness and suspense before being cited as overwhelmingly confusing “ promises to leave fans on the edge of their seats as characters return, universes originate and shifts in the space-time continuum ensue.  (Well, I’m not entirely sure about that “ but it seems to be something associated with Lost.)

After announcing that a one-hour special is set to precede the two-hour finale (though please don’t think you can catch up on the series through sixty minutes of recap), ABC Entertainment Group president Steve McPherson released a statement in which he cited the series as an example of what happens when you put creativity above everything else, assuring viewers that they would be [satisfied] with a spectacular conclusion.  (Is anyone else imagining a finale similar to an SNL MacGruber sketch or is it just me?)

While Lost certainly showcased a new form of creativity (I swear even diehard fans had no idea what was going on at some points), you can’t help but wonder if the days of long-running entertainment are behind us.  With shows like Lost and Ugly Betty ending after merely four years (and shows like The Office going south by six), it’s almost like television keeps giving it all away at the beginning , leaving viewers like us to develop the infamous seven year itch.  Jack Bauer, what’s your secret?

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