Lindsay Lohan to be Just “Lindsay”?

Is Lindsay Lohan the new Madonna? She may be, if she goes ahead and drops her last name, making her officially – and legally – just “Lindsay”.

In an exclusive interview with PopEater, Dina Lohan confirmed that the artist-formerly-known-as-Ms.Lohan is “dropping the Lohan and and just going by Lindsay”, leaving the ultimate stage mother and her daughter Ali to revert back to Dina’s last name, Sullivan.

Evidently, Linds (can we call her that?) has been contemplating the name change for a while, but was worried she’d go unrecognizable – that is, until the infamous SuperBowl commercial in which a baby was referred to “that milkaholic Lindsay”. According to Dina, that’s when she knew she didn’t need it. (It’s true, everyone: a SuperBowl commercial says it all.)

So does a name drop equate a “fresh start”? In the wide world of internet-based pop culture, it’s safe to say that while Lohan may be (literally) behind Lilo, her missteps aren’t exactly – especially since her saga continues with court dates, potential jail time and endless tabloids. (Oh, the tabloids.)

The other downside? The inevitable Oprah and Prince comparisons have been made. Meaning? We can only assume that some sort of talk show is in the Lohan – or should we say Sullivan? – future.

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