Lauren Conrad against abuse

Sure, The Hills may be a farce and the integrity of her books are questionable at best, but unlike her other blundering co-stars (cough-Speidi-cough), reality star-turned-author Lauren Conrad is using her powers for good instead of evil, teaming up with Marks Cosmetics’ Girl m.powerment Campaign to raise awareness of abusive relationships.

Since the launch of the campaign in 2008, Ms. Conrad has helped the organization raise $400 000, and with the release of their latest PSA, more funds are likely on the way.  (Isn’t it interesting that while Heidi talks about using her status to benefit others, Lauren’s actually doing it “ with no press junket necessary?)

The recent PSA also parallels the former Hills star’s current book tour in support of Sweet Little Lies, the follow up to last year’s L.A. Candy (clearly literature at its finest).   Those following Lauren’s Twitter account (um, not me “ what are you accusing me of?) have been privy to updates on her cross-American adventures, which include having to cancel an Eastern stop following this weekend’s snowfall.

What she’s failed to mention has been her charity work, Mark Cosmetics’ achievements and the release of her PSA “ thus proving she’s in it for the cause and not the headlines.  So now we wait: How long until Heidi steps up to use her new face as the face of a highly-publicized organization? (Ha.)

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